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XL Delete Full Version

XL Delete Full Version

XL Delete Full Crack – A software designed to remove it permanently. This can permanently delete all types of files, entire folders, and even internet cookies, history files, and cache. Other features of the XL Delete let you delete or lock the free space, clean up the table file, scan the selected track and schedule tasks.

XL Delete Full Version comes with well written help files and wizard step-by-step instructions for neophytes. Additional features include a task scheduler, Wipe Free Space option, and the ability to clean traces of IE and Firefox. When you delete a file with XL Delete, the file data is actually overwritten several times using specialized methods to prevent data recovery software from being able to undelete files. XL Delete will also incorporate several obfuscation techniques to hide the original file name and file size from data recovery software. Additionally, you can view the file information, delete the item from the list or remove the entire queue, check the details of logging, and open the selected item.

XL Delete Full Version

Features of XL Delete :

  • Secure delete any file on your PC.
  • Protect your privacy by making sure files you delete can not be recovered.
  • Permanently removes old deleted files from your hard drive.
  • Clean Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari history, cookies, and temp files.
  • Prevent identity thieves from retrieving personal information from your computer.
  • Clean your old PC or laptop before donating or selling them.
  • Lock extra free space on your hard drive to prevent fragmentation.
  • Built in file explorer helps you easily locate the files that you want to delete.
  • 12 Different wipe methods to choose from including Peter Gutmann’s method.
  • Define your own custom wipe methods.
  • Easy to use wizard. Delete any file or folder in 3 simple steps.
  • Shell integration, including integration with the Recycle Bin.
  • Ability to wipe all the free space of any selected hard drive.
  • Ability to purge old file names from any selected hard drive.
  • Ability to securely lock the free space of any selected hard drive.
  • Long path tool allows you to easily remove files and folders with path names that are too long for Windows.
  • Integrated scheduler that allows you to schedule the secure wiping of files and folders.
  • Works on memory cards, usb drives, and other types of removable media.
  • Use the Long Path tool to remove stubborn files with names that are too long for Windows to delete.
  • Drag and drop support for files and folders.
  • Cryptographically secure random number generator for maximum protection.
  • Ability to force wipe non-system files that are in use.
  • Integrated file viewer lets you inspect a file before deleting it.
  • Wipe Index.dat files.


Title Release : XL Delete Full Version
Developer :  XL Development
License : Shareware
Os Support : Windows Vista / 7/8/10
Size : 9 Mb


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