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Free Download Remix OS Android for PC 2.0.202 Latest Version

Remix OS Android for PC 2.0.202 Latest Free – Android operating system designed to run on computers with Intel or AMD processors. This program is a desktop operating system, complete with applications running on Windows, the Start menu, taskbar, desktop, and the notification area.
Remix OS Android Latest Free is based on Android-x86, an open-source project unofficial port Android to run on standard PC hardware. In addition, this program adds windowing system, changing the operating system into something you might actually want to run a PC. As a typical Linux distribution, you can put Remix OS on a USB drive and boot from it, runs entirely from the USB drive and even save the settings and files.
Relative to the control of the original is different, which is done by using the mouse and keyboard. The system, in spite of the many features in common with the green robot has a Start Menu. The panel also held mimic those of Windows 10. Remix OS can run without problems all applications written for Android. The Start menu includes Browser, Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Downloads, File Manager, Google Pinyin Input, MX Player, Music, Settings, and Widgets application.
Download Remix OS Android for PC 2.0.202 Latest Free

  • Torrent Downloading Client.
  • Remix OS 2.0 and Remix OS USB Installer.
  • USB 3.0
  • BIOS Should have Legacy Boot Mode Enabled (Or Enable it manually)
  • 8 GB USB Drive (FAT32 Format)
  • Windows PC.
Read Me:
How to Install
1. Download the Remix USB Installer and Remix OS 2.0.
There are two things that you need to download : Remix OS 2.0 (since the official version is not yet available, the leaked version will do) plus the Remix USB installer (essential in installing Remix OS 2.0 on the USB stick). 
You have to download a torrent client, such as uTorrent, first before downloading these two.
2. Format the USB Stick and change the formatting to FAT32.
The USB drive should be empty and the format is FAT32. Of course, it is implicit that you back up your files first before formatting the drive.
3. Start the Remix USB Installer.
The Remix USB installer is important in flashing Remix OS 2.0 to the USB stick. It also makes the USB Bootloader.
Upon starting this tool, you need to choose the ISO file plus the drive where you want to install it.
4. Select the ISO file and the USB flash drive.
The Remix OS USB tool will let you select an ISO file to load and a FAT formatted USB flash to install.
Press OK to start the installation.
The tool will then begin to extract and copy files and install the Bootloader into the USB Drive.
5. Reboot the computer.
Before rebooting your computer, search for the shortcut for Boot Menu for the particular brand model of your laptop or desktop.
Now, to view the Boot Menu, you have to press the key combinations. You will then be redirected to a listing of devices to boot. Choose the USB drive in which you have installed Remix OS 2.0.
In case it will not boot up, you need to change your BIOS Boot mode. Google “change BIOS Boot mode to legacy” to check the process.
6. Choose between Guest Mode and Resident Mode.
You will know that you are on the right track if you can see the blue screen, which will ask you to choose between Guest Mode and Resident Mode.
When you select Guest Mode, “no data will be saved after each session.” Meanwhile, when you click on Resident Mode, “all your data and apps are saved.”
7. Install Remix OS 2.0.
You’re almost there. Just three more things to do and you’re good to go.
First off, you will be prompted to select the language. Second, you have to agree with the user agreement. And the last step (the easiest one, actually): click the Start button.

Developer : Jide Technology Co, Ltd
License  : Freeware (Free)
Os Support : Windows XP/Vista / 7/8/10
Size          : 799 Mb
Link Download

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