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PointerFocus 2.2 Full Version

PointerFocus 2.2 Full Version

PointerFocus 2.2 Full Version [Serial Key] – is a useful toolbox for presenters, trainers and demo maker. This software offers several convenient functions such as highlight cursor, highlight mouse, keystroke visualization, magnifier, and on-screen explanation. With the help PointerFocus you can stay focused on the areas of interest of your audience and make your demonstrations more understandable.

PointerFocus Full can help you create a highlight for your mouse pointer, which appear as small colored discs in the vicinity. Changes color when the left or right-clicking. Two other options are similar to this “Spotlight Mouse” and “Screen Magnifier”. The first dims the monitor, except in certain radius around the cursor, while the latter allows the user to magnify objects they point to.

PointerFocus Full Version

Features of PointerFocus :

  • Highlight mouse pointer with a colored circle, and when you click the mouse button the ring animation can show your mouse click actions to your audience.
  • Keystroke visualization can show your audience which shortcuts you have just pressed. This feature can help you make your demonstration more understandable.
  • Mouse Spotlight – when you choose this tool, it will dim the screen and put a “spotlight” around your mouse pointer. This can focus your audience’s attention to the area of interest.
  • On-Screen Annotation Pen – when you choose this tool, you can use your mouse pointer annotate any part of the screen with customized color and pen width. On-Screen Annotation Pen
  • Screen Magnifier – when you choose this tool, you can show your audience details of any part on the screen. Screen Magnifier
  • Android Remote Control – You can use Android App to remote control mouse actions and PointerFocus functions.


Title Release : PointerFocus 2.2 Full Version
Developer : PointerFocus
License : Shareware
Os Support : Windows XP/Vista / 7/8/10
Size : 1 Mb


Link Download
=> PointerFocus 2.2 Full Version [Serial Key]| via Filecorn
=> PointerFocus 2.2 Full Version [Serial Key] | via Datafilehost
=> PointerFocus 2.2 Full Version [Serial Key] | via DailyUplds

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