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Nero Media Home 16.0.03300 Final

Nero Media Home is a free application that helps you to manage your digital media collection. It’s bundled as part of many premium Nero products, so this edition gives you a flavour of how the whole of its suite works.
Windows users have many options for managing and playing content, but the Nero brand promises excellent compatibility and an extremely versatile feature set. The software integrates with Nero’s new mobile apps that make smartphone sharing simple, too. It’s aimed at people who have a large number of camera and camcorder files that need to be sorted and organised, but can be used to manage purchased content too.
Nero is designed to make large, chaotic media collections easier to navigate. The main bonus is tagging, including an invaluable automatic tag feature that uses file and folder names as tags in their own right. Custom tags let you organise and find files much more quickly than you ever could in a simple Explorer view.
A feature of Nero Media Home  are :
  • accessible and understandable to the user interface, 
  • the ability to access some Internet services; 
  • converting file formats automatically, 
  • writing discs with a good tool for rezervkopirovaniya information, 
  • video editor, 
  • updating and improvement of the program. 

The program Nero Media Home with its wireless technology is simple and easy to use.
Size : 191 Mb
Link Download
=> Nero Media Home 16.0.03300 Final | via SolidFile
=> Nero Media Home 16.0.03300 Final | via Usercloud


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