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Download Exportizer Pro Full Patch

Download Exportizer Pro Full Patch

Exportizer Pro Full Patch [Latest] – is a software for importing, exporting and databases. This software supports the following databases – DB, DBF, TXT, CSV, ASC, and also allows you to view and read the database stored in XLS, RTF, XML, MDB, XLSB and many others.

With Exportizer Pro Full Verion you can view, modify, filter, copy and perform other operations on the database created. Exportizer also allows you to run various commands using the command line (for the advanced computer). Exportize Pro also export the database to clipboard, printer connected, and even to file.

Exportizer Pro Full Verion

Features of Exportizer Pro :

  • Exporting Image
    The program can automatically detect the most known image types (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO) in BLOB fields of a source database and export them, for example, to HTML or RTF formats. It can also convert image format on the fly.
  • Export to HTML using template
    Using HTML template allows producing highly customizable output, therefore target HTML file can be used directly in frontend without any further tuning.
  • Exporting several tables to one file
    In just a few clicks you can easily export several selected tables to one target file. Exporting selected tables as one table per file is also possible.
  • Export Dialog
    It is possible to choose the output format and specify many common export options as long as options specific to selected target format.
  • Selecting data source
    In Select Data Source dialog, you choose the database engine which you want to use for opening your data source and the data source like a file, folder, ODBC DSN, or ADO connection string.
  • SQL editor
    Exportizer Pro allows you to write custom SQL queries. The result of SQL query can be exported like it is done for table selected from a table list. SQL editor gives you all you need to comfortably write the queries: SQL syntax highlighting, UNDO feature, loading and saving files, supporting of SQL parameters, storing history of executed queries etc.
  • Export menu
    Export menu gives you ability to choose what to export: current table or SQL query result, several selected tables or even all tables of the database at once. You can also copy the data from the opened data source to clipboard.
  • Tools menu
    In Tools menu, there is a set of useful functions to operate with data: bookmarking, duplicating data, pasting tabular data from clipboard (copied from Excel, for example), printing data etc.
  • Exporting to database (MySQL)
    In Exportizer Pro, you export data not only to several file formats, but to database too. It can be any relational database, file or server, supported by ADO, BDE, or Interbase interface.
  • Field mappings
    You can specify source-to-target field mappings before exporting data.
  • Generating command line
    Export operations can be performed also via command line. You can easily generate needed command line directly from the GUI using interface very similar to regular Export dialog.


Title Release : Download Exportizer Pro Full Patch
Developer : Vitaliy Levchenko Software
License : Shareware
Os Support : Windows XP/Vista / 7/8/10
Size : 3 Mb


Link Download
=> Download Exportizer Pro Full Patch | via DBree
=> Download Exportizer Pro Full Patch | via Filecorn
=> Download Exportizer Pro Full Patch | via Datafilehost

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