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Engelmann Media Videomizer Full Version

Engelmann Media Videomizer Full Version – Software that allows you to convert and optimize video files. With this program you can also edit any records, change the resolution, frame rate and even adjust the bitrate parameter. In addition, it contains other options that are useful for editing the soundtrack (channel change or sampling).
Engelmann Media Videomizer Full Version also offers the ability to change the picture quality through the regulation of the right tools. No problems will increase the contrast, color, sharpened image quality will improve, or the tone of individual parameters. The program also has a special module automatically adjust the saturation settings, or so we can easily choose the shadow of balance, or white light suitable.
Engelmann Media Videomizer Full Version
Features of Engelmann Media Videomizer :
  • To optimize the video weak, blurred or underexposed, you can use the Optimize function, which offers the following options
  • Automatic – the program will take care of all the parameters optimization
  • Slider Low – Strong designed to control the power optimization
  • Auto Color is responsible for the optimization of not only images but also color
  • HDR – High Dynamic Range effects switch
  • Applies to all – the option to apply settings to all video sources list
  • Receive new default – if you find a better setting than the default, click on this line to save it as the new default settings
  • Reset – reset all settings to their default values

Title Release : Engelmann Media Videomizer Full Version
Developer : Engelmann Media GmbH
License  : Shareware (Trial)
Os Support : Windows XP/Vista / 7/8/10
Size          : 53,4 Mb
Link Download

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