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Dr.Web Anti-Virus + Security Space Full

Dr.Web anti-virus – provides complete, anti-virus protection of your computer. All potentially dangerous for the system files are scanned in real time by a resident monitor SpIDer Guard. Data downloaded from the Internet or local network, copied from floppy disks, CDs and other media are saved on disk only if authorized by the SpIDer Guard. E-mail messages are being tested by the module SpIDer Mail before they hit your mailbox. 
Dr.Web not only detects and disinfects viruses in files, but it can also remove changes made by the virus in the system and does not require that any additional programs that would be downloaded from the internet.
The latest edition has a number of significant new products and enhancements of existing functions action. They cover both the user interface and the management and configuration. Graphic design and layout of the various functions been completely remodeled. In addition, any changes made are continuously recorded and configuration takes just a few seconds.
Dr. Web Security Space has a brand new module responsible for protecting files against loss arising as a result of the virus. There could of course not miss the tools to perform backups. It is also worth mentioning the Parental Control, restricting children’s access to inappropriate websites. You can also block individual files and folders on the disk.
An interesting addition is also a function devices, with which we will block the action of individual peripherals like a printer or webcam. With it, you can even disable data transfer and restrict access to removable media.
Dr.Web Anti-Virus + Security Space v11.0.0.11162 - Full

Features of Dr.Web : 

– Dr. Web Scanner : 
Scans a user request selected objects, memory, startup files, and processes.
– SpIDer Guard :
Testing antivirus monitor in real time the accessed files and blocking access to dangerous objects.
– SpIDer Mail :
Scan in real time messages received by PO3 protocol and sent via the SMTP protocol.
– Dr. Web command line scanner :
Scans the user requests the selected objects, memory, startup files, and processes.
– Auto Update :
Download updates the virus signature databases and program modules.
– Scheduler :
Allows you to schedule regular jobs database updates and scanning computer files. 
Title Release : Dr.Web Anti-Virus + Security Space v11.0.0.11162
Developer : Doctor Web, Ltd
License  : Freeware (Free)
Os Support : Windows XP/Vista / 7/8/10
(Dr.Web Anti-Virus  v11.0.0.11162)
Size : 212 Mb
Link Download
=>  Dr.Web Anti-Virus  | via Solidfiles
=>  Dr.Web Anti-Virus  | via Usercloud
(Dr.Web Security Space v11.0.0.11162)
Size : 421 mb
Link Download
=>  Dr.Web Security Space   | via Solidfiles
=>  Dr.Web Security Space   | via Usercloud

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