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Avast! Premier 2017 v17.1.3394.0 Full Version

Avast! Premier 2017 v17.1.3394.0 Full Version

Avast! Premier 2017 v17.1.3394.0 Full Version [Serial Key] – A comprehensive application that protects your computer against malicious viruses, hackers, spyware and other threats lurking on the Web. This application has many features and multi-function security devices to protect your PC.

Avast! Premier 2017 Full  having a modern user interface, friendly and intuitive, very easy to use and very powerful. This application also protects the system against worms, trojans, phishing and provide additional protection of personal data. Including firewall, update Software Updater application modules on AccessAnywhere systems, which feature allows you to remotely monitor and control your computer.

Avast! Premier Final also includes some new technologies such as dns secure, https scanning, and network security of your home for added protection. browser add-ons further increase the security of your PC with features such as blocking tracking cookies and socially. Particularly important features Sandbox, which allows a safe place to test the downloaded applications, and services SafeZone, which creates an isolated virtual desktop looks potential attacker factor and you can safely make purchases online time using e-banking.

In addition, Avast! Premier 2017 is able to block access to certain sites, deleting individual files or even entire partitions. With that cleared, web browsing history. Do not forget about the protection of e-mail by applying an anti-spam filter. Avast! Premier Latest Full has a very good detection of threats and intelligent scanning function is very useful.

Avast! Premier 2017 Full Version

What’s new in version 2017:

  • HTTPS scanning. Now, we are able to detect and decrypt TLS/SSL protected traffic in our Web-content filtering component. We are using our own generated certificates that are added into the Root Certificate store in Windows and also into major browsers. This feature will protect you against viruses coming through HTTPs traffic as well as adding compatibility for SPDY+HTTPS/ HTTP 2.0 traffic. You can tune/disable this feature in the settings section.
  • Home Network Security. Scan your home network for vulnerabilities (wifi status, connected devices, router settings, factory passwords, etc.). This is quite a new approach as we are trying to discover potential problems not isolated on the particular device only, but in the entire network of devices you use or connect to the Internet from.
  • SecureDNS (this feature is active in the paid versions only). We are introducing a new provider which guards against unprotected DNS/DNS hijack on a router/client (including unsecured networks, public ones, etc.).
  • Smart Scan. Integrated all on demand scans into one (Antivirus, Software updates, Home Network, GrimeFighter). One scan, different results and recommendations.
  • New Support System. Easy contact for paid users to submit a ticket with all info included automatically. Improved knowledge base for free users. Help is completely online and is more up to date.
  • General bugfixing. This covers a lot of stability and performance changes in all components (but the main focus was traditionally on the network and engine components).
  • GrimeFighter Free. GrimeFighter will offer free cleaning of junk files and tuning of system settings. These tasks are performed by our Zilch and Torque minions. Other minion functions remain as paid-for features.
  • AVAST NG. A hardware based virtualization solution capable of running each Windows process in standalone safe virtualized environment (VM) and fully integrated to your desktop. Each process is executed in its own instance of VM, which means totally isolated from your other applications. This feature is now powering the Avast DeepScreen, resulting in better detection. The technology will also eventually power the Sandbox and SafeZone components (although it does not now)


Title Release : Avast! Premier 2017 v17.1.3394.0 Full Version
Developer : AVAST Software
License : Shareware
Os Support : Windows XP/Vista / 7/8/10
Size : 278 Mb
Password : www.fullversiondown.com


Link Download
=> Avast! Premier 2017 v17.1.3394.0 Full Version [Serial Key] | via Cloud.mail

=> Avast! Premier 2017 v17.1.3394.0 Full Version [Serial Key] | via Datafilehost

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